The easier way to optimize your gear designs.

Developed by leading experts in gear design, EXCEL-LENT™ is a quick and easy way to optimize your gear designs with minimal input.

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Software Features

  • Works with multiple types of gears
  • EXCEL-LENT can optimize rack and pinion, spur, helical, internal, external, and circular pitch gears in English or metric units. Our gear/gear box design software quickly determines product parameters for various applications saving HUNDREDS of engineering hours.

  • Performs gear design
  • Our Design program calculates the approximate gears sizes for speed decreasing as well as speed increasing drives based on rotational speed, gear ratio, power, and material. Optional variables include, but are not limited to, face width and center distance. Output data from Design can be exported to Analysis to optimize gear capacity based on AGMA standards and reliability factors.

  • Runs analysis for load/life
  • The Analysis program can calculate capacities for spur and helical gears-external, internal, and rack. AGMA does not have a standard for calculating bending fatigue capacity for internal gears but our Excel-lent can calculate bending fatigue capacity of internal gears as well.

  • Calculates manufacturing inspection data
  • In addition, EXCEL-LENT's Dimension program provides you with manufacturing inspection data for your gears. When dimensions of the existing pinion/gear are entered along with the center distance, Excel-Lent will calculate the required dimension for the mating gear/pinion. Non-standard center distance or balancing beam strength or specific sliding is as easy as clicking that option.

  • You don't need to be a gear expert to use our program
  • EXCEL-LENT has an extensive materials library built into the software. Designers do not need metallurgical knowledge to choose gear material and heat treatment. All physical characteristics are automatically extracted from the table and used by the program in accordance with AGMA standards.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Choosing to use module or Diametral Pitch gears, setting safety factors, face width, or gear material is as easy as clicking a tab or typing in a few characters. If any required input data fields are missing, the program will prompt the user to supply what is missing.